• Publications in highly ranked international research journals
  • Teaching of the university and doctoral students in Mathematics, Engineering, and Computer Science
  • International relations, cooperations, and incoming guests with European, US, and international (Brazil, China, etc.) partners
  • The team led by G.P. Nagy (head of the department) won Gold Medal at the Seventh International Olympiad in Cryptography NSUCRYPTO’2020  and NSUCRYPTO'2021, in the professional category


  • The mathematical theory of coding theory and cryptography
  • Abstract algebra, group theory, number theory, mathematical logic
  • Computational algebra, algorithms, complexity theory
  • Mathematical and computer linguistics, language technologies

Selected publications

  • G. Korchmáros, G. P. Nagy and M. Timpanella, "Codes and gap sequences of Hermitian curves," in IEEE Transactions on Information Theory (2020).
  • Ivanyos, Gábor; Kutas, Péter; Rónyai, Lajos, "Computing explicit isomorphisms with full matrix algebras over $\mathbb{F}_q(x)$," Foundations of Compututations and Mathematics 18 (2018), no. 2, 381–397.
  • Kornai, András (2018) "Truth or dare. In: Tokens of Meaning: Papers in Honor of Lauri Karttunen." CSLI Publications, Stanford (CA).
  • T. Breuer, L. Héthelyi, E. Horváth, B. Külshammer. "The Loewy structure of certain fixpoint algebras, Part I." Journal of Algebra 558 (2020).
  • Kiss, Sándor; Sándor, Csaba, "Generalized asymptotic Sidon basis," Discrete Mathematics 344 (2021).


  • 2016-2021: Algebra and algorithms (pricipal invesigator Lajos Rónyai) NKFIH-OTKA 115288